About Us

Vaughan Adams

 Born and bred out of town in a quaint Midlands village, Vaughan has been known his entire life by his friends and colleagues as the guy whom they call when needing any technical advice.

Yes I am a typical male  – I don’t  stop and ask for directions – but I am one who reads and memorizes the manual and plots my route so that I don’t need help finding my way!’ (V Adams)

Vaughan’s  simple philosophy is –  if you are going to do something – learn how to do it properly and this shows in his obsession with  the technical aspects of his work.  Lighting and composition are two challenges that one has to master as a photographer, and no matter how creative you are, without these skills, you are not able to breathe life into your subject. Food needs to ignite the senses, people need to evoke emotion, and landscapes need to nurture the soul. His obsession with keeping ahead in the trends of lighting and composition keep him intrigued and inspired as each and every brief brings new challenges.                                                                                                                                                                             Vaughan has been involved in the design and creative industry for over 20 years, and having this creative flare and eye for detail, allows him to maintain a professional relationship and reputation with his clients. His client list is testimony to that.

His nature is such that he is most comfortable when he is behind the lens. ‘Through the lens is how I see life – what you make of the end result – is who I am


Lisa Adams – Food & Interior Stylist

Lisa Adams Food Stylist

Qualifying as a home economist many years ago, Lisa started her career in the food industry and slowly moved into and specialized as an interior designer. She is known in design circles for her creativity and out the box styles and has completed some very large, prestigious projects in the Kwazulu Natal region. She runs a successful design business from her studio in Mount Edgecombe and works hand in hand with Vaughan when food and interior styling is required. All images have been styled and prepared by Lisa.

Her skill in ‘scaping sets can be seen in her photography styling work. The years of experience in first the food, and then the decorating industry, is evident in the creative settings she creates for the photographer.

Lisa and Vaughan have been married for 24 years. They live and work in Durban and have two beautiful grown up and very creative daughters, Calsi and Suzanne who both seem to be following their parents in their chosen studies and careers.

Vaughan and I have worked together as a team for 22 years and I wouldn’t change that for the world.  At last we are doing what we love to do and not what we have to do.’ – (L Adams)

When working with Vaughan and Lisa, it becomes clear that this team operates as one, and together they are able to offer a service to their clients that is a double dose of excellence.

‘Brand is very special. It takes years to create and a second to destroy. Vauno and I challenge ourselves to make sure that every image presented will identify the brand in the best possible light.’ – (L Adams)