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Durban Beachfront

Nowhere in the world is more beautiful than the pier at Moyo restaurant on Durban beachfront for sundowner cocktails while the surfers surf just about below you, and then upstairs afterwards at the sunken bar for a light dinner. While there, i decided to see if a could capture the mood. With a bit of patience and a tripod i was able to get these images. Light was  limited, so a very slow shutter speed was used, and of course a tripod was essential. Little or no editing was required so this is the true beauty we have right on our doorstep.

Durban beachfront

Moyo beachfront Cafe Moyo beachfront Cafe 2


My live in stylist, Lisa- Jane, from Marmite on toast, decided to make a  Nigella Lawson favorite for her best friends birthday. This was a point and shoot go at the cake as it was leaving the house. LJ works well under pressure so it was completed 20 minutes before the party started. No time for styling or scaping.! And a huge mess left in the kitchen!

After snapping a few shots, I added one or two pre-sets in Lightroom as I felt an Antique filter may complement the wood and wrought iron cake stand and the brown and orange colours.

This was just a quick shoot with no special props. Natural light was used, which meant bumping up the ISO to 2000, as I was not using a tripod and needed to up my speed because of the low light indoors. These shots were done using my  Nikon D3s with a Nikon 24-120mm lens.


Original settings

Original Settings

Antique background

Antique Background

Antique filter

Antique Filter

White Balance

Last week a client called to ask if we could shoot her incredible range of natural linen products, aptly named Linen Chapel. They had attempted to do their own photographs which were ‘bad’ (I know she won’t mind me saying that.) The shots that they had taken were done at home with a point and shoot. The first thing that stood out was that  the White Balance was all wrong and they needed help with the styling. So using a grey card from Fotomax, and with some styling help from Lisa-Jane, we were able to give them some great images which showed the product off perfectly. Below are the shots from their web site, followed by the end result. Quite amazing to see the colour difference with the correct White Balance and some styling! Hopefully the new photos should be on their website shortly. Great client – great product – great shoot.


linen05 linen03linen02




LinenChapel-134 LinenChapel-107